A Silly Star Trek Sonnet, TOS: S1E13 “The Conscience of the King”

As a tribute to Shakespeare, Star Trek, (and Star Trek doing Shakespeare) I give you…a very silly Star Trek sonnet:

Flying past stars, aboard the Enterprise

Where noble ship and crew bid well adieu

Journey to a new world, their mission lies

Thou art lazy writing, stock Planet Q


Alas it matters not, here cometh strife

Form of a Shakespearian acting troupe

Whose vile leader extinguished much life

Only Kirk and New Guy are in the loop


When fortune favors foes with daughters hot

Kirk refuseth to keep it in his pants

Delaying justice for what he knows not

Then her act doth halt the foolish romance


For one man whose soul his dark past imbrues

Through the galaxy, Kirk doth come for you

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