Additional Multiplication, TOS: S2E15 “Trouble with Tribbles”

In 1788, the first European settlers in Australia brought rabbits as a source of food.  With no native predators in their new home, the rabbit population exploded, and became one of the country’s most devastating invasive pests.  Thus is the inspiration for this Star Trek story.  Perhaps one of the most iconic episodes of the … More Additional Multiplication, TOS: S2E15 “Trouble with Tribbles”

Generation Exterminate, TOS: S1E8 “Miri”

A snapshot of a population after a disaster event does not always offer information on what the nature of the population was prior to the catastrophe. Upon receiving an ‘Earth style’ distress signal (SOS), the Enterprise crew was astonished to discover a second Earth lightyears away from the original.  The main crew beamed down to … More Generation Exterminate, TOS: S1E8 “Miri”