The Laws of Existence, TOS: S2E18 “The Immunity Syndrome”

The many possibilities for life often stretch beyond our imaginations.  Just when we think we have a basic understanding of how it all works, biology throws a platypus into the mix.  From bizarre animal bodies to bacteria surviving under the most inhospitable conditions, life simply pushes against the impossible.  However, even with seemingly endless variety, … More The Laws of Existence, TOS: S2E18 “The Immunity Syndrome”

Traditional Liberation, TOS: S2E1 “Amok Time”

When Spock experiences the pon farr, a period of intense physical and psychological stress preceding Vulcan mating, he must journey back to his planet to marry his fiancé or he will die. The accompanying ceremony is elaborate, culturally significant, and ancient. The ritual also allows Spock’s potential mate to challenge the offer and choose another husband. In this rare … More Traditional Liberation, TOS: S2E1 “Amok Time”

Sup-Planted, TOS: S1E24 “This Side of Paradise”

Plants are seldom the feature of most SciFi stories, which is a shame considering their vast diversity of interesting characteristics.  In this early episode, we meet an extra-terrestrial plant, as opposed to the usual bipedal, fin-faced Star Trek alien.  Travelling to Omicron Ceti III, the Enterprise crew expected its Federation colony to have perished from … More Sup-Planted, TOS: S1E24 “This Side of Paradise”